In 2015 we were able to add another event to the program for the participants of our summer school, this was the ESRIC Summer Lecture, an open public lecture given by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2014 Dr Eric Betzig. Dr. Betzig won his Nobel Prize for the development of the single molecule localisation technique, PALM, which has revolutionized the way we as scientists can examine cellular processes at the nanoscale. Dr. Betzig works at Janelia Farm in the USA where he is continuing his quest to advance optical imaging, with developments such as Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy, enabling the observation of the basis of life with unrivalled clarity.

summer school 2015 3

"@ESRIC_Imaging @EdinUniImaging @HWU_IB3 brilliantly honest, hilarious and inspiring talk from Nobel prize winner @EricBetzig! #ESRIC”

“Great talk by @ericbetzig in Edinburgh. Lovely #superresolution images and loads of new ideas for our research. Thanks @ESRIC_Imaging”