The 3rd Super-Resolution Summer School took place at ESRIC on the 8th until the 12th of August 2016, we again welcomed 35 researchers from across the world to come and learn from experts in the field of super-resolution microscopy and gain experience of the state-of-the-art systems available. 

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This years' faculty included Samuel Hess, Silvio Rizzoli, Ilaria Testa, Sebastian van De Linde, Wesley Legant, Susan Cox and Erik Manders. The enthusiasm for teaching and the depth of knowledge that these experts have always sets the week off to a great start, and this year was no exception, with relaxed seminar sessions and (very relaxed) question and answer sessions over wine and canapes at the end of day 1 and 2. Super-resolution was covered in-depth from the sample preparation, technique development, application through to analysis. 

summerschool2016 worklshopsThe remainder of the week was left for workshops on the commercially available super-resolution systems, Leica microsystems, Nikon, Olympus UK and Zeiss all gave fantastic 3 hour demos on their different systems; GSDIM, Gated-STED, SIM, Airy Scan and SMLM in TIRF. Delegates were able to test their own samples and grill the application specialists on the nitty gritty of getting the best data out of the systems. 

As a new addition this year we held a bitesize workshop session with Hamamatsu, SVI,, Chromotek and Gattaquant to provide the delegates with information on the broader aspects of carrying out successful super-resolution microscopy. 

An integral part of the summer school is the opportunity to network, very rarely are such a diverse range of researchers from across the globe brought together with one common interest, super-resolution, in such an informal setting. This year delegates gave flash talks at the start of the week on their research interests, which sparked connections early on between researchers, really enhancing the learning experience for them all. 

The Summer School will run in 2017, date to be announced, and will be organised with the Royal Microscopy Society. 


Thank you to all of this year's sponsors

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