AlexSalmondFirst Minister Alex Salmond visited our Heriot-Watt University site to learn about research projects and the new cutting-edge technologies within ESRIC in early January 2014. The First Minister was taken on a tour of our microscopy suite and shown how we can localise single molecules in live cells by Katia Hiersemenzel (top left) and the superior resolution obtained through our gated-STED system by Dr. Colin Rickman (bottom left). Dr. Deirdre Kavanagh finished the tour by demonstrating some of the ongoing research projects we have within the lab (bottom right).

The newly appointed First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, visited Herio-Watt University on March 11th 2015 to come and see some of the exciting research underway using state-of-the-art equipment. Mrs Sturgeon was said to be "hugely impressed by some of the innovative and pioneering work that researchers here at Heriot-Watt are doing". After a press and media briefing on the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (2013-2014) publication Mrs Sturgeon was given a tour of the facilities within IB3 and ESRIC, including the 3D-printing work led by Dr. Will Shu (Reader in Microengineering) and some live cell, high speed imaging of autophagy by Rebecca Saleeb (PhD Student).

Nicola SturgeonAlicja Graczyk (PhD Student) showing Mrs Sturgeon the art of gel running (top left), Mrs Sturgeon visualising some fluorescent samples being imaged on our Gated-STED SP5 SMD Leica Microscope (top right), Mrs Sturgeon and her Deputy John Swinney getting a close look at the 3D Bioprinter (bottom left) and Dirk-Jan Cornelissen (PhD Student) who is working on 3D Bioprinting Stem Cells for his research project (bottom right). Picture bottom right courtesy of Alantico Press.