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MRC Human Genetics Unit
Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine
University of Edinburgh
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Laura Murphy completed her PhD in neurobiology at the institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM), University of Edinburgh, in 2017. Her PhD involved the study of mitochondrial trafficking in neurons using live cell imaging and particle tracking analysis. Working since thenthen as the bioimage analyst in the IGMM Advanced Imaging Resource, she helps users extract quantitative information from their microscopy data. Her role involves training on commercial and open-source image analysis programs, holding workshops on image anaysis concepts and protocols, and writing bespoke analysis scripts and workflows, to answer whatever the research question or imaging modality.


Some relevant publications

  • Ogawa F, Murphy LC, Malavasi ELV, O’Sullivan ST, Torrance HS, Porteous DJ, Millar JK. (2016) NDE1 and GSK3β associate with TRAK1 and regulate axonal mitochondrial motility: Identification of cyclic AMP as a novel modulator of axonal mitochondrial trafficking. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 7(5)
  • Murphy, LC, Millar, JK. (2017) Regulation of mitochondrial dynamics by DISC1, a putative risk factor for major mental illness. Schizophrenia Research.