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ESRIC: a multidisciplinary approach to biological research through state-of-the-art microscopy techniques.

The Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium represents the coming together of expertise across a broad scientific spectrum from cell biologists to physical scientists with the aim to extend the boundaries of cellular imaging beyond diffraction limits in order to investigate cellular functions and human disease.

ESRIC provides an openly accessible resource with the tools to address fundamental questions in human biology and disease. ESRIC houses state-of-the-art imaging technologies alongside molecular biology and cell culturing facilities, which are open to researchers from any field anywhere in the world with equal priority to all. Free training is available on how to use all of the optical systems and super-resolution techniques, as well as support in experimental design and data processing. ESRIC is founded on a strong collaborative network between researchers across the physical and biological sciences, this approach forms the basis for the consortium and hopes to provide the foundations for further collaborations.

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ESRIC formed through the partnership of the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering (IB3), Heriot-Watt University and the MRC Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGC), The University of Edinburgh. This integrative collaboration combines all the disciplines and technical skills required to drive the development and application of novel super-resolution techniques and data analysis for the study of biological processes. This partnership is strengthened by the involvement of additional Centres of Excellence across Scotland as well as close connections with our industry partners and charitable bodies.    

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Thanks to all of the support we have received and the excellence of the research and teaching that is undertaken in ESRIC. Since being established in 2013 ESRIC has had a global impact through our website and through our advanced training courses welcoming and connecting with researchers from across the world.

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