Lab space

Lab space can be provided to ensure a designated area will always be available for you when working on projects here at ESRIC.

At our Heriot-Watt University site we can also provide Tissue Culturing Facilities with a dedicated set of technicians for cell culture experienced in mammalian cell lines and primary cell culture. With our systems offering live cell study capabilities you can now have your cells cultured here ready for the day of your experiment. In addition to this you can store your samples on site for more long term experiments.

Please contact us to discuss further.


The tissue culture laboratories in Heriot-Watt University:

Nasmyth JN1.39: The Nasmyth lab is fitted with four Category II Biological Safety Cabinets, 5 CO2 incubators, 1 amour bead bath, 1 microscopes, refrigerator, freezer and liquid nitrogen storage space.

Perkin WP3.24: The Perkin lab also has four category II Biological Safety Cabinets with UV light, 6 CO2 incubators, 2 amour bead baths, a standard white light microscope, a FLoid cell imaging station (for fluorescent imaging), refrigerator, freezer and liquid nitrogen storage space.